Holistic Nutrition Plans

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The old saying, “You are what you eat” is incomplete as the truth is more like, “You are what you can digest and absorb from what you eat”. No integrative health coaching or wellness program would be complete without considering how your diet might be causing or worsening chronic pain, diseases or mental health challenges.

Holistic nutrition is about more than the food you eat – it’s also about how you nourish your mind, body, and soul. At the core of holistic nutrition is making conscious choices about food, with a focus on choosing the right foods for your needs.

Why Consider Holistic Nutrition?

The wrong diet can cause or contribute to a variety of health problems, like blood sugar imbalances, headaches, fatigue, auto-immune disorders, pain, depression and many more. When you eat the right way for your body type, however, it can help improve, reverse or even prevent chronic illness.

With a comprehensive nutrition plan, you can achieve a variety of health and wellness goals. You can reduce pain and other symptoms of disease, you can increase your energy level, and improve your mood. You can more easily achieve weight loss goals without all the hassle and emotional trauma of dieting. You’ll sleep better, have better digestion and you could even notice a difference in the appearance of your skin and hair.

Many people, after adopting a holistic diet and wellness program, are able to reduce their need for many prescription medications that affect high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pain, blood sugar irregularities, thyroid imbalances to name a few.

Busting the Myths of the Holistic Approach to Nutrition

Everywhere you turn today – from TV to social media – we are bombarded with ads for meal programs, menu planning, food delivery services, and the like. It can be hard to weed out the valuable information from the sales pitch. And, unfortunately, the concept of holistic nutrition is mired in myth and misconception.

For example, many people believe that eating a holistic diet will cost more than they can afford. You might also believe that your busy schedule doesn’t allow you enough time to do all the meal prep and cooking that a holistic diet requires.

The good news is that eating well doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. When you work with the Utah Integrative Health team, we will show you how easy and affordable it can be.

Trust an Integrative Health Expert to Assist with Diet & Nutrition

As a part of our overall integrative health and wellness services, we are proud to offer customized holistic nutrition planning. We help you find the real-world dietary solutions that work best for you and your family. This helps ensure that you most easily transition your lifestyle to adopt a long-term approach to good nutrition – and enjoy the health benefits that follow.

We provide realistic tips and guidance, helping you learn all about health, affordable eating that won’t overtax your already-busy schedule. When eating healthy foods becomes pleasurable, you overcome the guilt and pressure you’ve grown to experience about your food choices. Mindful, holistic nutrition plans help you achieve all these goals and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our holistic nutrition planning services, or to schedule your complimentary consultation.