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At Utah Integrative Health, we help you identify the underlying causes of your health issues. Using functional lab testing, complete analysis, and muscle testing, we are able to prioritize your health needs, design an individualized care plan, and help you progress on your health journey.

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Our mission is to help you find relief from the health issues you may be facing. We approach this healing journey by identifying the underlying causes of your health concerns. Using functional lab testing and performing a complete analysis, we will work with you to create an individualized care plan, and then help you progress along your way to achieving and maintaining a healthier happier life.

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Our mission is to provide world-class integrative health care that informs, inspires, and invites you to commit to your best health.


With years of educating and designing custom programs, we can help you find the most effective ways to care for your body.


We prioritize the most important issues, phase your care to not overwhelm the body, and follow up with lab testing.

Do Alternative Medicines Really Work?2021-11-18T11:06:19-07:00

You may be skeptical of alternative medicine, especially if you have no direct experience with these practices. As more complementary practices are being established in hospitals and recommended by mainstream conventional doctors, more people are becoming interested in what these technologies have to offer them. But often new patients arrive at our clinics skeptical of the efficacy of the techniques we use.

Even Dr. Evan Brady, was once a complete skeptic himself! He felt that way until he found an alternative therapy that relieved him of much of his long-term unbearable back pain – in just one session!  While it took time to completely eliminate the issues causing the pain, he was instantly humbled by how quickly and profoundly the alternative therapy helped him.  His drive to help as many other people as possible out of their pain, suffering, and limiting beliefs by teaching them these techniques led to his opening Utah Integrative Health.

Don’t let skepticism stop you from reaching out! Approaching any type of health treatment with caution and a healthy level of skepticism is a wise approach, and we look forward to answering your questions and addressing your concerns.  We encourage you to come in for a consultation or to attend a workshop.  Our mission is to share our experience and teach you tools so transformational they’ll lead you to have a change of heart … and a change of health.

What Alternative Medical Options Exist?2021-11-18T11:08:11-07:00

Alternative medicine refers to healing practices that fall outside the purview of mainstream, conventional medicine. There are many forms of alternative medicine, each with its own origin, approach, and techniques.

Alternative medicine practices typically fall into one or more categories.   For example, “traditional medicine” refers to medical practices with historical origins in a particular culture. Eastern medical practices, like acupuncture and ayurvedic medicine, are just some examples of traditional medicine.

Complementary medicine typically refers to alternative medicine that is widely accepted by the conventional medical community as providing a valuable additional service.  Chiropractic medicine is a good example of this treatment model, often incorporated as a part of conventional rehabilitation therapy.

Functional medicine is the art of examining symptoms while they are still in functional rather than pathological ranges. It considers the results of diagnostic tests and other lifestyle factors and identifies current imbalances that may later result in a full pathological disease if not brought back into balance now.

Holistic medicine indicates a complete approach to healing, one that examines all the factors that influence health – mental state, physical condition, environmental influences, and even spiritual factors.  Many types of alternative medicine can be practiced with a limited focus or with a holistic approach.

Integrative health refers to a philosophy that takes the best evidence-based practices from both conventional medicine and alternative medicine, favoring natural and non-invasive techniques whenever possible. Integrative healing is a holistic approach that begins by identifying the underlying causes of disease and creates action plans to address those causes and eliminate their harmful effects.

Why isn’t Conventional Medicine Enough?2021-11-18T11:08:38-07:00

Conventional medicine typically refers to the standard western medical practices that focus on treating acute diseases and infections or simply minimizing their symptoms. The common tools used by practitioners of conventional medicine include diagnostic tests, pharmaceutical drugs, and invasive surgeries. This approach has provided some great success with acute infectious diseases, where the focus is on eliminating the infection.

But at the same time, long-term chronic conditions, systemic pain, and mental and emotional distress conditions have become more widespread than ever before. Although conventional medicine continues to make advances in treating the symptoms of these conditions, these practices clearly do not provide all the answers. Too often the emphasis is on the “quick fix” – a pill to manage depression, a pill to mask pain – without considering the underlying situations that are the actual cause behind many of these conditions.

Conventional doctors are often focused on finding and curing conditions only after the symptoms have reached pathological levels. If the diagnostic test results don’t reach that level, medical doctors often won’t report anything back to their patients at all except “Everything looks fine.”

A question we hear all too frequently is “Why didn’t my doctor tell me?”

Those who suffer from chronic allergy conditions of any kind are always looking for quality solutions to control their symptoms, and alternative medicine has become a fantastic resource in many cases. We’re proud to offer a variety of such services, helping our patients balance their systems and work toward equilibrium that stands the test of time.

When you visit our offices, we utilize what’s known as a reprogramming technique to help your body deal with allergies. This involves first testing your body for various substances and how they may serve as triggering allergens in your body. From here, we’ll enter the process of re-introducing the allergen into your system, then using various energetic and other techniques to rebalance the system and desensitize it to the specific allergen. In some cases, oral or injection methods (including acupuncture) may also be used.

Our patients regularly report not only reduced allergy symptoms, but also improved energy and overall bodily functions following these treatments. We offer long-term follow-up services to stimulate nerves and meridian pathways, helping completely remove a given allergen from any points of concern.

To learn more about how we’ll help you permanently manage your allergies, contact our offices today.

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Our Holistic Approach to Integrative Health

Integrative Health starts by identifying the underlying causes of your health issues – including chronic pain, chronic diseases, allergies, or mental conditions like anxiety and depression. We use a variety of evidence-based functional testing methods and other methods that enjoy long traditions in eastern medical practices as well.

Once we’ve helped you to identify these underlying causes, be they mental, physical, or environmental, we can then assist you through therapeutic treatments that address these imbalances.  From single sessions to a lifelong relationship with a one-on-one health coach, we want to support you in discovering the answers that solve the problems of what’s blocking you, so you can pursue your dreams.

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