You may be skeptical of alternative medicine, especially if you have no direct experience with these practices. As more complementary practices are being established in hospitals and recommended by mainstream conventional doctors, more people are becoming interested in what these technologies have to offer them. But often new patients arrive at our clinics skeptical of the efficacy of the techniques we use.

Even Dr. Evan Brady, was once a complete skeptic himself! He felt that way until he found an alternative therapy that relieved him of much of his long-term unbearable back pain – in just one session!  While it took time to completely eliminate the issues causing the pain, he was instantly humbled by how quickly and profoundly the alternative therapy helped him.  His drive to help as many other people as possible out of their pain, suffering, and limiting beliefs by teaching them these techniques led to his opening Utah Integrative Health.

Don’t let skepticism stop you from reaching out! Approaching any type of health treatment with caution and a healthy level of skepticism is a wise approach, and we look forward to answering your questions and addressing your concerns.  We encourage you to come in for a consultation or to attend a workshop.  Our mission is to share our experience and teach you tools so transformational they’ll lead you to have a change of heart … and a change of health.