Dr Evan Brady
Functional Lab Testing

Our standard of care includes a thorough investigation of your overall health using evidence-based comprehensive blood testing with optional Gastrointestinal, Hormone, Urinalysis, Heavy Metal toxicity and many other specialized tests to help find the root causes of your issues.

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Dr Evan Brady
Custom Herbal & Dietary Plans

“For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure.”

— Rudolf Steiner

Let us create a custom Herbal Therapy plan that is right for you. We also offer weight loss programs specific to your wants and needs.

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Dr Evan Brady
Mental & Emotional Support

We are passionate about helping you to find the connection between emotional stress and your symptoms. We offer unique nutritional protocols that support your brain and help with depression & anxiety. Often times our mental and emotional experiences can manifest as physical disease.

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Your Own Private Wellness Coach

Dr. Brady offers private one-on-one coaching specifically tailored to your unique health and life situations.  Wellness coaching focuses on what’s holding you back from creating the healthy changes you are seeking and provides you with an optimized plan. Your healing journey is made easier and more joyful with Dr. Brady as your therapeutic partner, as he provides you with his resources and access to his team who will all support you in your individualized program to a happier healthier you.

Here’s a brief outline of what you can expect from our processes.


At the outset of individual health coaching, we begin with an assessment of your current health situation and a detailed analysis of all contributing factors. During the assessment process, you’ll also be defining the goals you want to progress toward in your alternative therapy.

Individual wellness coaching allows your health plan to go beyond the scope of a single seminar or a simple clinic visit.  This offering gives you a chance for a complete assessment of all the internal and external factors in your life that contribute to the state of your health and may be causing your unwanted symptoms as well as helps you to know where you are at today and an accurate timeline for where you want to go.

Individual Wellness Plan

Creating a complete plan of action helps to remove your health limitations one by one and will free you to live your life’s purpose.

One-on-one coaching allows Dr. Brady to focus on your health issues and design a wellness plan that is customized to your specific needs. Wellness plans typically include solutions to improve your overall health and can include nutritional advice and solutions for you to bring your emotional life, habits, and activities into a health-promoting balance.

In addition to your wellness plan, health coaching will help you learn useful exercises and how to perform healing treatments. You’ll do simulations and make commitments to achieving your health goals, and you’ll receive the training necessary to take action in achievable steps that will provide you with the changes needed to create the healthy life you desire.

Group Wellness Plans

In addition to individual (one-on-one) coaching, we also offer integrative healing coaching for couples, spouses, families, and groups of all types. In these settings, you can find tools and solutions that apply to every aspect of your life and environment, while also bringing these benefits to your closest relationships. The members of your group will learn how to provide help and support for each other, too, making it that much easier for you to implement your health plan. It’s a great way to bring balance into your life and affect real change in your health and happiness.  Not only does group wellness coaching for partners and families provide everyone in your group with these health benefits, but it also allows you the chance to take advantage of more affordable programs.

There are also many bonuses for any member enrolled in one of our health and wellness coaching programs such as discounts to our 3-Day Immersion workshops, daily support through our private Facebook groups, and many more!

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